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Terms and conditions

All the visitors are advised to read below terms and conditions carefully. You already have agreed to this agreement by opening and viewing this website. If you are not agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned below, kindly quit this website now.

  • By reading and accepting the terms and conditions of Fancy Diamond Group , you are also accepting the privacy policy of Fancy Diamond Group . People are not allowed to visit or explore this site unless they accept the terms of use and privacy of this website.
  • This website holds the right to deny access of any user to this website following the terms of privacy policy of Fancy Diamond Group . This website also stores data and records for prohibition and other legal uses. The legal section of this site may change time to time for different legal reasons. The visitors should read the terms and conditions time to time in order to stay updated.
  • Fancy Diamond Group and all the content it has is owned by the owner of this site. Fancy Diamond Group has all copyrighted and restrained material. No one is allowed to use content from this site for any personal or professional use without permission from Fancy Diamond Group .
  • All the content of this site is specially written to provide you the detailed information about Fancy Diamond Group . The content is however not accurate to be fully relied on. The visitors are themselves responsible to rely on the website content and presume it as accurate. The Fancy Diamond Group team does not provide any guaranteed content for this site. So, do not make any payment or contract with any person who is using this content.
  • This website is not responsible for any harm caused to your computer system by opening it. All the risks are up to the visitor, the viruses, worms and other computer toxins are totally out of control of this website. The attack of viruses to your computer through any pop-up or advertising is at your own risk.
  • Any picture or content download from this site is at your own risk. Nothing is guaranteed virus free and harm free. The download can attack your hard disk, windows and other computer softwares. Make sure to avoid clicking on pop-ups and advertising on the site.

Fancy Diamond Group order policy

  • In case of a non-certified diamond, the customer is only placing order it is not a purchase.
  • The confirmation of the order is done if the product is available.
  • The order cannot be changed but it may be cancel if the shipment is not done.
  • The payment through web or other wire services must reach us in 5 working days or the ordered will be canceled.

Fancy Diamond Group return policy

  • Return :

    The product can be returned in its original condition if the customer is not satisfied or any other reason. The customer must inform us about the return of the diamond within 2 working days from the receipt of the diamond. The product can be returned and refunded within 15 working days. The product will not be accepted or refunded after the given period of time.

  • Packaging :

    All the Fancy Diamond Group diamonds are very carefully packed and with every pack there comes a certificate by Fancy Diamond Group . If you want to return the diamond you have to submit back the certificate along with the product.

  • Insure the package :

    Customers must insure the package before sending it back, in case of any damage of loss while shipping, Fancy Diamond Group will not be responsible.

  • Our simplified refund process :

    Fancy Diamond Group team inspects and checks the returned item; the item will be refunded after the process of inspection. Any item that has been worn, altered or damaged will not be accepted for return.
    Only the cost of the product will be refunded, no shipping, handling or insurance charges will be refunded. The refund will be made using the same mode of payment used in original purchase.

Shipment policy

  • Customers must double check the address and other details provided for the shipment. The shipment will be strictly made to the most accurate address that is provided.
  • The shipment will be made instantly after the process of payment being done.
  • Fancy Diamond Group is only responsible to pay for insurance and other delivery services of the product being shipped to FOB. Other taxes and charges are due on the customers.
  • The product can be shipped using any of the local or regional shipping offices.
  • An amount of USD 100 will be taken for the shipment and handling charges for every invoice less than USD 15000. Invoice above USD 15000 will be absolutely free of cost. The shipping will be done free to Hong Kong.
  • There will be no charges for any shipping or handling will be taken if the product is collected from Fancy Diamond Group office by customer himself.

Conflict free policy

Fancy Diamond Group Diamonds PVT LTD is truly against the diamond conflicts in Africa and other states. The diamonds manufactured by Fancy Diamond Group are especially conflict free and are supplied by a very reliable source. Our company follows the UN policy of conflict free diamonds. Fancy Diamond Group provides documentary proofs in which customers and other people can inquire the source of Fancy Diamond Group diamonds which is absolutely conflict free.

Fancy Diamond Group price policy

All the prices mentioned on the site are in USD. The prices that are mentioned on the site are excluded with taxes and duties if applicable. The company always takes care of the price list and increasing or decreasing of diamond’s rate. In case of any human error like the price for any diamond is not updated or written wrong or any other price problem, the company will contact you and let you know before the shipping of the product. If you want to cancel your order for price confusion you can get it canceled before it gets shipped. In case of the product being shipped already, customers will have to pay the difference between actual and error prices. For anymore questions and guidance you can contact our service team anytime at sales@Fancy Diamond Group

Payment policy

  • Advance payment only
  • Cash payment only
  • We have an option of payment-wire transfer for time being.
  • The payment must be made within 5 working days or your order will be canceled.

Minor policy

No information will not be collected or saved for any customer below 18 years old. If Fancy Diamond Group comes across such customer the information about him will be deleted from the systems.